200+ Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

with Jess Emilfarb, Elizabeth April & Faculty

January 10th-12th & 24th-26th | February 7th-9th & 21st-23rd | March 13th-15th & 27th-29th | April 3rd-5th & 17th-19th | May 1st-3rd & 15th-17th | June 5th-7th & 12th-14th

Fridays 7pm-9:30pm | Saturdays 11am-6pm | Sundays 11am-5:30pm

now accepting applications

Please fill out the application using the link below. Questions? Feel free to reach out anytime to elizabeth@theportlandyogaproject.com


Creating opportunity to diversify the teacher landscape & in turn creating yoga classes that are inclusive and safe for all to practice in.



what to expect?

Beginning, January 2020, this 200+ hour training was developed to create a strong foundational platform for you as a teacher to launch from.  We have created a curriculum highly focused on how to teach asana (postures) in a safe & effective way. We will meet for two weekends every month for 6 months, followed by an optional 6 month mentorship (details below.)


Experiential/Practical Anatomy

  • moving past solely memorizing muscles and bones. we will study biomechanics, anatomy & physiology and how they relate directly to asana.

  • we will study how each body is truly unique and how “proper” alignment can look different from student to student. we will also discuss how you address this in a group vinyasa class and when working privately with various students.


  • learn building blocks of an intelligently sequenced class

  • design classes with purpose. lose the unnecessary fillers and create more time and space for purposeful postures, constructive rest and other important elements to create a well rounded vinyasa class.

Hands-On Assists & The Art of Verbal Cueing

  • learn intelligent and mindful hands-on assists that stabilize and support your students.

  • we will discuss the topic of consent and policies around hands-on assists

  • we will discuss the power of clear and concise language in class. using your words more will allow for your students to self adjust and feel more empowered in their bodies and practice.

Practice Teaching

  • build the confidence necessary to be able to teach through practice teaching.

  • we will practice teach as a group, through friends & family classes, as well as community classes

Philosophy & History of Yoga

  • understand the roots of this practice & its journey and evolution into what we know as yoga today in the West. how do we adapt and integrate these studies into modern studies and science?

Pranayama & Subtle Anatomy

  • learn how to weave these pieces into your classes. allow these practices to inspire and support a posture-based vinyasa class.

Specific Populations in General Public Classes

  • learn how to work confidently with beginners, pre/post natal students & students with injuries and/or limitations

Critical Thinking

  • cultivate a habit and practice of questioning, evolving and curiosity as both a teacher and student

  • deliver classes with purpose & depth. we will offer you many different avenues to entice discussion and critical thinking. why one answer isn’t always correct when dealing with the human’s emotional and physical body.

Business of Yoga & Ethics

  • a realistic understanding of the business side of teaching.

  • roles that social media plays?

  • ethical responsibilities as a yoga teacher

  • presentations and education surrounding the LGBTQ+ & POC communities & our responsibilities as yoga teachers around inclusivity.


we are really excited to be able to provide a mentorship that works hand in hand with the training. a 200 hour training can only provide so much information and practice. a lot of the learning happens after we complete our training and start teaching. this is when questions arise, support is needed and continuing education is necessary.

What does the Mentorship entail?

  • we will meet 1x/month for 6 months after the YTT is completed to continue learning, practice teaching & discussing.

  • you will be paired with select lead teachers

    • they will answer any questions as they arise

    • they will offer any support, cheerleading, inspiration or anything else you might need!

    • they will attend and/or observe your classes and/or practice teachings to provide feedback

      each mentee will be able to observe and/or assist classes taught by select teachers from our training faculty

YTT Faculity


cost of training

Early Bird Pricing (paid before November 1st, 2019) $2700

Regular Pricing & Payment Plan $3000.

Cost includes optional Mentorship after YTT is completed.


$500 deposit to secure your spot. can be paid in cash or check (in studio) or credit card (online or in studio)