WITH ANNE DAVIDSON of yogi beans

Friday, March 20th, 9am-6pm | Saturday, March 21st, 9am-6pm | Sunday, March 22nd, 10am-5pm

Early Bird Pricing: (until 1/24) $575 | Regular Pricing: $625 | Educator & Staff Discount: (not available online, please email us for more information) $550

Are you a…mom fantasizing about yoga-ing with your kids? A teacher wanting to bring Zen into your classroom? A yoga instructor transitioning into kid-asana? A corporate-type searching for your calling?

The Yogi Beans Basic Kids Yoga Teacher Training teaches anyone how to translate the practice of yoga into a language kids understand and enjoy, which sometimes can seem like a daunting feat. This training makes it easy and accessible to teach yoga to any child from age 2 through age 10. Over the course of three days, trainees receive all the tools necessary to teach a kids yoga class - you will learn it all and have a blast!
Yogi Beans has specifically designed its Training to ensure that participants know how to "put it all together" so that they can walk out and teach a kids yoga class the very next day. Towards this end, the Yogi Beans training dedicates significant time to sequencing classes, incorporating age-appropriate themes, practice teaching and providing targeted feedback for each trainee.

Training Highlights Include:

• Child–appropriate pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (poses), and meditations

• Focus/concentration games & activities
• How to make yoga philosophy child-accessible
• Sequencing classes for ages 2 to 10
• Disciplinary techniques
• Teaching parent & child classes
• Extensive practice teaching & feedback
• Inversion workshop
• Restorative yoga for kids

• Navigating the kids’ yoga business
• Comprehensive 100+ page training manual