The seat of your personal power lies at the third chakra. It is here that the will of the spiritual warrior awakens, and we find our strength for inner balance. The power of transformation, manifestation, inspiration, and wellness develop at this chakra. The sanskrit word for the navel chakra is “Manipura”, and it translates to “City of Jewels.” Deep in the center of your being you will find your own jewels. It all lies within you!

Join Satpal Kaur (a.k.a. Sonya Theriault, LCSW) for this 11 week series using the ancient and powerfully transformative technologies of Kundalini Yoga. No prior yoga or meditation experience needed. Awaken to your personal power. Slow down, tune in, and discover this center of energy which holds your own vast power and possibilities. Uncover the gems within.

Classes begin November 6th and held each Tuesday morning, 9am-10:30 with the exception of December 25th and January 1st. Last class of the series is January 29th.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga helps to develop flexibility, tone muscles and strengthen the nervous, glandular, and immune systems. It helps to increase mental energy and give you a deep inner calm, strength, and grace. This ancient system draws upon a vast body of teachings brought to the U.S. by Yogi Bhajan. Each class includes all elements of the ancient teachings of yoga: Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Mantra (sound), Mudra (hand positions), and Meditation. These aspects are combined into series of exercises called Kriyas. Some Kriyas are dynamic and energetic, others are slow and meditative.


Sonya Theriault, LCSW (also known as Satpal Kaur) is both a psychotherapist and Kundalini Yoga instructor. After years of practicing Hatha yoga, she discovered Kundalini Yoga in 2004 at a small studio in Montana while managing an organic vegetable farm. Sonya’s first experience of Kundalini Yoga was so impactful and transformative that she immediately fell in love with this powerful technology and began a daily practice. It wasn’t long until she realized she was healing herself, and she felt compelled to share this practice with others. Sonya began her Kundalini Yoga teacher training in the spring of 2005 and was certified as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor by the Kundalini Research Institute in January of 2006. She has recently begun her level II teacher training and has had the great blessing of studying with Gurmukh, Hari Kaur, Guru Jagat, Guru Meher, Mahan Rishi, Prabhu Nam Kaur, and many others. Teaching yoga has always been a large part of her own personal spiritual practice, and Satpal/Sonya finds it especially inspiring to see students transforming from the practice and finding their way to fully embodying and accepting themselves.

In 2012, Sonya decided to deepen her commitment to helping others find their way to wholeness and went back to school to become a psychotherapist. She received both her Bachelor’s in Social Work and her Master of Social Work degrees from the University of Southern Maine. She draws deeply from her many years as a yoga instructor and incorporates mindfulness and body-centered practices into her integrative-based approach as a therapist. Sonya has been trained in many therapeutic modalities, including:  Nonviolent Communication, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and Level II EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). She is also certified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping). Sonya believes that building self-compassion and acceptance are key components to recovery and wellness, and she works with clients to nurture and build these practices.


KIDS YOGA SERIES | 5 Week Series


Wednesdays | November 7th - December 12th (except 11/21) | 4pm - 5pm | $50

Session II

Wednesdays | January 9th - February 6th | 4pm - 5pm | $50 for all 5 sessions or $10 drop in

Bring your little one(s) to join Danielle for this 5 week series full of play, laughter, and creativity. Through stories, postures, and even breathing techniques all geared towards children, this is the perfect way to introduce your child(ren) to all the benefits that yoga can bring.

There is a vinyasa yoga class scheduled in our other studio space at 4pm as well. So you can drop your child(ren) off for their class and head next door for your own practice.

For ages 5-10 (we are happy to consider slightly older or younger…please email us to discuss.)


Root. Grow. Bloom. A Prenatal Movement Series

with Jackie Gallo, pre-natal Yoga teacher, Barre TEACHER and Mama

Saturdays | January 19th, February 16th, March 16th, and April 20th | 1:00pm-2:15pm | $70 for all 4 sessions | $20 drop-in

How do you fill the space between the moment you discover you're expecting and the arrival of your little one almost 10 months later? Childbirth Education classes typically do not meet until well into the third trimester, leaving you without a guide for much of this transformational journey. Guided movement can be the perfect way to explore the changing landscape of your body, and life.

Root. Grow. Bloom. is more then a prenatal yoga class. Jackie has thoughtfully designed the series to support you during this period of growth and change pulling from all areas of her training. Each class will combine elements of asana or yoga postures appropriate for pregnancy, movements for strengthening based in barre, breathwork, restorative yoga, and perinatal education. A strong focus will be placed on the pelvic floor and core throughout the series.

Rooted in the belief that pregnancy is a time of incredible strength, an opportunity for growth and a chance to bloom.

This series is offered in partnership with Birth Roots.

Birth Roots offers non-clinical, community-based education and support throughout pregnancy and the early years of parenting. Their programs and events build community, encourage parental confidence, address social, emotional and non-clinical needs and promote our philosophy of “Community Supported Parenting” that recognizes there is no one right way to give birth or parent. We support parents in finding solutions that work for their unique family and child.


Mindful Mama: 4 Week Postnatal Wellness Series

with Holly Martzial, Yoga + Barre Instructor and Mama

Sundays, 2pm-3:15pm | March 3rd, 10th, 17th, & 24th | $90 for all 4 sessions

Week One: Fill Up Your Cup

Meet the group and share your story (if you choose, or just listen!). Group conversation will be followed

by a 45-minute restorative yoga class.

Week Two: Re-Connect with Your Center

This week’s focus is on the pelvis. We will discuss our postpartum pelvis and core, followed by a barre

class focusing on connecting to- and strengthening our pelvis and core safely.

Week Three: Open Up

This week’s focus is on the chest, shoulders and upper back. We will look at the effects that holding a

baby and breastfeeding have on our upper bodies, followed by a yoga class focusing on chest opening

and upper back strength.

Week Four: It Takes a Village

This week’s focus is on building our community. We will offer one another some hands-on nurturing

through gentle partner work, then we will circle up to meet with experts in the area who focus on

postpartum women’s health. This is sure to be a lively discussion and a great opportunity to solidify our

connections with one another to carry on after the series concludes.

**Please note, all participants must be cleared by a doctor to return to physical exercise in order to

participate in this series (at least six weeks postpartum). All participants must pay in full for the full

series, even if they cannot make one or more sessions.