We pride ourselves in being able to offer something for everyone. Try them all out and create a regular practice for life.



An all levels flow class that sets its foundation in linking breath and movement. Expect a mindful, intelligently sequenced, fluid practice that builds and provides options, advancements, and modifications for every level of experience. 


A flow class set to a slower pace. Open to all levels. Slower doesn't mean easier...this is an opportunity to fine tune your practice and integrate more deeply in the postures.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a wonderful compliment to the more "yang" yoga practices. With postures being held from longer periods of time you are able to target the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and joints of the body. Postures are mostly if not all done close to your mat and open to all levels.


For intermediate and advanced practitioners. Expect a sweaty, vigorous yet mindful & intelligent practice to build on more advanced asana, pranayama, and meditation. 


Open to ALL ages, as we are ALL aging. Deeply rooted in functional movement, these classes have been designed to support our bodies and minds as we move through life. Your teacher will guide you in creating and maintaining strength, and flexibility, with healthy, sustainable movement on our mats and that we can then carry with us into our every day living. This program is led by physical therapists/yoga teachers.


For every stage of your pregnancy. Meet alongside with other expecting mamas and connect more deeply with your body, your breathing, and your baby! Class is designed for all levels, and will provide a safe and welcoming environment to practice in. All prenatal classes are led by certified prenatal yoga teachers.


Designed for ages 6-10, this class is geared towards the little ones in your life. Fun, playful movement, while teaching the awareness and importance of breathing. This class is intentionally scheduled at the same time as select vinyasa classes and are held in our adjacent studio. This means you both get your practice in! 


A full body workout that will hit our deeper stabilizing muscles, as well as the more well known muscle groups for a complete and thorough session.  Barre is heavily influenced by Pilates and yoga, so expect small controlled movements, within long sets, all balanced by sweet, well deserved time to stretch. We use our own body weight as resistance in 95% of the class and there is zero impact, making these classes open to all levels of experience.  


Similar to Yoga for Healthy Aging, Barre for Healthy Aging is a class designed with creating strength and stability within our bodies to support us as we age. Class will be done to an even slower more mindful pace and focus on supporting common injuries and limitations in the body as we get older. We are all aging, so this class is open to all levels. Program was created by a combination of physical therapists, barre teachers, and yoga teachers to create an effective, safe, and fun class for everyone.


The journey back to connecting with your body after baby can feel overwhelming, and this class is the perfect first step. Surrounded by fellow moms and led by highly experienced teachers, this class is designed to support new moms to back to integration and stability in their bodies. With common post-natal conditions in mind like diastisis, pelvic floor dysfunction, SI instability, back and shoulder pain, etc...all taken into account, this class is a safe and effective place to start.